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As you can imagine I have worked in a variety of different jobs due to the different skills that I have

Evolution Digital, Blackrock, Ireland

June 2013 - Present

This is my first job as an employee in the Web Development sector. Here I learned how to develop following current standards and frameworks such as Zend2 and CodeIgniter. Lately we shifted from using Typo3 CMS to Wordpress, and 90% of our new websites are done in Wordpress, this involves me making custom plugins when the client requires a custom functionality that cannot be found on an existing plugin. My job involves a lot more besides Web Development, as I am in charge of the wellbeing of computers, servers, printers and telephones in the company, basically every piece of technology is my responsability.

Samec CoopV, Massanassa, Spain

July 2012 - March 2012

Working as an industrial engines technician was one of the best experiences. It gives you a new perspective on the word engine. In a normal car you can totally cover a piston with your hands, in an engine with 50 liters of displacement the piston is the size of your head, therefore what in a car is a 5 minutes procedure in an industrial engine can take one day. During my time in Samec we serviced and overhauled Deutz, Guascor and Jenbacher CHP engines ranging from 400KW to 1200KW.

Jenbacher Engine

Self employed Web Developer

September 2011 - May 2013

After finishing University I decided to start building my portfolio as a Web Developer on my own. During the following two years I gathered experience in different areas such as HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. One of the good things about working on you own is that you have to do everything so your skillset increases, even if you are a learner in a lot of areas and expert in no area.

Foster Motor Co, Sandyford, Ireland

April 2011 - June 2011

During the Spring of 2011 I worked as a Volkswagen technician in Ireland as part of an international internship conceded by the Spanish Government. I came to realize how much a car has changed over the years. Between the cars I serviced and my Honda Civic there was only 10-15 years of difference but it was an immense difference. For almost every task you needed a computer. Do you want to do the 10.000km Service, perfect, don't forget to bring the computer to tell the ECU that you have done the service, otherwise the ECU will let you know that you have to service your car. However this is the future. Everything interconnected.

Reformas Ovidio, Sagunto, Spain

Summer 2008, Summer 2009, Summer 2010

Working in house maintenance is a really hard work, from carrying the concrete sacks to building a wall. But it teaches you the value of hard work. During 3 summers I worked in house maintenance where I performed a wide variety of jobs including: plumbing, painting, mansonry, carpentry, electricity.

Octaplus Gas Station, Sagunto, Spain

Summer 2007

This was my first job, pump attendant in a gas station. I had to refill the clients vehicles and manage the washing tunnel. Being my first job I learned the value of money.